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A DERMATOLOGIST has revealed the REAL reason your hair is always greasy, and it has nothing to do with the shampoo you're using.

Dr Lindsey, from the US, shared the top three reasons why your constantly battling with greasy hair in a recent TikTok video.

And while you may not want to hear the reasons why, they're super easy to fix, she revealed in a video posted to her account @dermguru.

The skincare expert said: "Here are three surprising reasons that your hair may be greasy.

"Number one, and the most common reason is you're not washing your hairbrush nearly as frequently as you should be."

Dr Lindsey revealed lots of oil and bacteria can build up on the brush causing debris that you are running through your hair.


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She explained: "If you're brushing your hair with that hairbrush it's going to transfer that all to your scalp and give you that greasy look."

As a rule of thumb, she revealed you should wash your hairbrush at least once a week.

The second reason your hair may be getting greasy quicker than it should is because you are wearing it up at night.

The skincare expert said: "This concentrates all of the oil directly into the scalp, oil has nowhere to go, it can't go anywhere else, it's stuck in your scalp and you wake up with a greasy head."

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The final reason your hair may look like you can fry an egg on it is hair oils.

While they are popular for condition and even stimulating hair growth, they can cause the roots to go oily.

She added: "Hair oils are fine at the ends of your hair, if it transfers to your scalp it can make it look super greasy."

The video has since gone viral with over 450k views and over 31k likes.

people quickly took to the comments section of the video to share their thoughts.

One person wrote: "NOW you tell me about hair oil."

Another commented: "OK FINE, I'll clean my hairbrush."

"I don't do any of this and still need to wash my hair every other day," penned a third.

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