I’m a designer bag fan but only buy fakes because I’m boujee on a budget – how to ensure your ‘Louis Vuitton’ looks real | The Sun

A FASHION fan who only buys fake versions of designer handbags has shared the key things your “Louis Vuitton” needs to look real.

Content creator Riri’s Reviews used a replica of one of the French fashion house’s iconic bags to point out elements that make it look legit.

The Louis Vuitton Pochette Félicie retails at an eye-watering £1,060.

It comes in six different materials and finishes, as well as a removable zipped pocket and removable flat pocket with eight card slots.

A fake version should include the removable compartments and a removable chain like the real deal.

What’s more, the placement of the LV logos on the bag need to be in a specific place to accurately replicate prints of expensive bags.

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However, they were slightly out on Riri’s bag.

Pointing to the cream replica, she said: “The logo should be around half a centimetre down, so it should be there.

“The bottom is good and the sides are good as well.

“The back’s good as well.”

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Having loose, uneven or wonky stitching on the bag also shows that it’s fake. 

She continued: “Inside, you’ve got your main pocket.

“You’ve got the pocket at the back and the logo as well.”

The removable zip pocket and card holder slots should be slightly darker than the bag’s interior to replicate the real thing.

She described the inserts as “good” but was less impressed with the chain.

Riri said: “The chain could be a little bit heavier and it’s got the branding on the hardware.”

Thanks to the uptake in resell and vintage sites, it’s easier than ever to get your hands on a real designer bag for cheap.

With this, you wouldn’t have to worry about tell-tale signs of it being a dupe.

However, lots of people still prefer to get replicas for modern designs and harder-to-find vintage pieces.

One person commented on Riri’s video: “I got my daughter this bag in black for her birthday.

“It’s definitely one of her favourites.”

Another viewer wasn’t convinced it looked real enough.

She penned: “This hurts my eyes.

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“I think it looks fake.

“The leather and the stitching seems off and the pattern on the flap doesn’t align with the rest.”

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