I'm a dog groomer – 5 breeds I wouldn't own, they're highly strung, dramatic and bite your fingers | The Sun

A DOG groomer has shared the five breeds she would never own after having worked with them.

From being prone to biting to acting overly dramatic, the pet professional explained why she avoids certain dogs.

In her video, TikTok user Hannah (@_muttleycrue) clarified: "I do love all dogs even the annoying ones."

However, she listed the breeds she was least likely to own based on her experience as a groomer.

For her first type, Hannah revealed she would never opt for a Yorkshire terrier.

She explained that the breed can get a bit snappy when being groomed.

"I like my fingers, thanks," Hannah told her followers.

She added that Yorkies are "wriggle bums" and can make her job difficult.

Hannah also shared that she would not be a proud owner of a border collie.

She referenced the breed's "highly strung" nature and also its busy demeanor given it is intended to be a working dog.

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Next, she explained her reasoning behind not wanting to own a husky breed.

Hannah backed up her point by discussing the dog's overly dramatic nature while being groomed.

As well as their infamous howls, she told viewers the breed is known for having "lots of opinions."

Hannah also told her followers that she would never own a Shih Tzu breed.

She explained that the dog can be "either nice or grumpy" with no in-between.

The groomer also referenced the breed's "sticky eyes and bum" as a reason to avoid them.

Finally, Hannah revealed her reasoning behind never wanting to own a cockerpoo.

She called the popular cross-breed "high maintenance and dramatic."

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on Hannah's no-go list.

"I’ve got a Yorkie and he’s Satan in fur, [he's] been banned from a few groomers," wrote one viewer.



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Another follower said: "Super agree with cockerpoo, the squeal for the tiniest thing is ridiculous."

"My poor groomer with my Shih Tzu she has done [her] job [but] he hates it and fights back and the tail is constantly going," commented a third person.

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