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A DOG owner has sparked a flurry of debate after she identified four breeds she would never own.

One of them she said was the most vicious in the world.

But not everybody agreed and was swift in the defense of their pooches.

However, canine lover Kymbra (@kymbraxx), was quick to point out that "every dog had its own personality" and this was just her opinion.

This lady has 41,000 followers on her TikTok and another 2.6 million likes.

She started her post with a statement: “Dogs I could never own and why?"

Kymbra had whittled down her list to just four breeds and some of the choices might surprise you.

First up was the adorable-looking and impossible fluffy Pomeranian. But looks can be deceiving.

“The most vicious breed in the world. They genuinely scare me," she said.

This was followed by the cheeky chappy, the Jack Russell: “Far too yappy," as far as she was concerned.

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The Pug appeared next and it had too many health concerns for her liking.

“Would need to check it’s still breathing every five minutes,” she said.

Finally, the cute-looking Yorkshire Terrier, but Kymbra was not taken by it.

“These are self-explanatory. They’re just horrible looking," she wrote.

Some commenters agreed wholeheartedly with her shortlist.

“One hundred percent agree,” said this person.

A second person concurred about the most vicious dog title: “My Pomeranian is the most aggressive thing ever.”

There was recognition from this owner: “I have a Jack Russell cross and I can confirm he is yappy for no reason all the time."

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Few compliments from this viewer for one of the breeds: “My mum calls Yorkies rat dogs."

But this person had widely opposing views: "My Pomeranian and Pug are the best."

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