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A DOG EXPERT has revealed the worst behaved popular dog breeds.

Jade Nicholas, is a UK-based dog trainer and shared her thoughts over on social media.

The first on her list of naughty pooches was the working Cocker Spaniel, adding 'these cause me so much grief.'

However, she revealed this wasn't because of the dog itself – more that the owners don't understand them or their needs.

"They think they are fun family pets… they will steal anything, they will steal your socks, your dirty underwear," she added.

"They will guard a piece of dirt that is on the ground – resource guarding is a huge problem."



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She claimed that this can cause them to bite unless you know how to respect and look after them properly.

Next was the Cockapoo, which has become an increasingly popular breed of god to own over the last few years.

Similarly, because they have a working dog breed mix they also have an issue with stealing items and resource guarding.

The dog expert added that it was a particularly clingy dog so not the greatest if you have to go out to work.

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Miniature smooth haired Dachshund make up 50% of Jade's pay check she said because they are so nervous and end up barking at anything and everything that owners want trained out.

The American Bulldog and other bulldog breeds was next on Jade's lift.

while she admitted she does see them for aggression – most people come to her for help because they have a separation problem.

"They love their humans and they do not want to be away from them," she explained.

Lastly, Jade said the Border Collie was amazing and intelligent but love to react to traffic, dogs and people.

"If you do not want hard work you probably don't want a Border Collie," she added.

The clip posted to her TikTok account @aboutyourdog has since gone viral with over 69k views and over 2,000 likes.

People were quick to share their thoughts in the comments section.

One person wrote: "Thank you for this! do you have a list of dogs that are calmer/less hard work? I'm hoping to be a first time dog owner in the next year or so."

Another commented: "I absolutely loved cockers and really wanted one but knowing they are a working breed I didn’t get one cause I know I couldn’t give it the job I wants."

"I see soooo many aggressive dachshunds these days, seems like everyone is getting them and doing little training," penned a third.

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Meanwhile a fourth said: "I will have a border collie someday! they are sooooo beautiful and sooo smart! But I don't have enough time for this kind of dog atm."

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