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KATE Middleton has a wardrobe many of us can only dream of – from designer bags to high-street dresses and historic jewellery.

But aside from creating a visual impact, the Princess of Wales, 40, carefully uses her style as a "means of visual storytelling and communication."

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous, royal fashion expert and celebrity stylist Miranda Holder said: "Kate Middleton fully understands that clothing is a language.

"Like all working royals, Kate has to keep her opinions to herself, remaining strictly politically neutral and demurely quiet on any matter remotely controversial.

"Fashion really is her only way of expressing herself, so, just like The Queen and Diana before her, the new Princess of Wales is a highly accomplished clothing communicator…"

Here, Miranda explains the seven times Kate has used her fashion to convey a very important message…

The Wedding Dress

Kate Middleton and Prince William's wedding day on 29th April 2011 attracted millions of viewers and was one of the most watched weddings in history.

Many eagerly awaited in anticipation to see Kate's iconic dress for the first time – and it didn't disappoint.

The dress, which was designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, consisted of an ivory satin bodice with lace applique, incorporating a floral pattern, and long lace sleeves.

The back of the dress had 58 gazar buttons, and in total the skirt, underskirt and bridal train measured a staggering 8ft 8ins long.

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And of course, stylish Kate couldn't let such an occasion pass without literally weaving extra meaning into the gown.

"Doubtlessly inspired by The Queen, and other Royal brides before her, Kate had the motifs of the rose, shamrock, daffodil and thistle woven into the handmade lace that covered the bodice and sleeves," says Miranda.

"These motifs represented England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, demonstrating that from day one Kate was totally committed to her role as the future Queen Consort of the United Kingdom."

Embroidered Pineapples

Children’s charities have always been particularly close to Kate’s heart and she is patron of several – including the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, whom she visited in April earlier in 2022. 

"Kate wore one of her favourite contemporary brands, Self Portrait," explains Miranda, who also posts her fashion tips on TikTok.

"Her outfit consisted of a dress made to look like a belted blazer and skirt, a familiar silhouette for Kate."

The royal fashion expert goes on to note that while the Princess of Wales owns the dress in various colourways, she opted for cream for this particular occasion.

"Upon closer look it was evident that there had been some special amendments to the look in honour of the occasion," Miranda points out.

"Kate and her stylist had added the motif of embroidered pineapples – in complementary cream thread which maintained the elegance of the outfit – to the front of her blazer."

According to Miranda, the pineapple has become a symbol frequently worn by people struggling with fertility.

She explains: "It served as the perfect finishing touch to Kate’s outfit, demonstrating her solidarity for the many midwives training at the college."

Wearing Blue for the NHS

Kate is very much a fan of colour and is often seen wearing bright outfits which help her stand out from the crowd.

"The Queen once famously stated that ‘if I wore beige, no one would know who I am’ and this has clearly inspired the diligent Kate to follow Her Majesty’s example and embrace the vibrancy of bold hues," Miranda notes.

"The mum-of-three wears colour because she understands how it can communicate so powerfully through association and psychology."

During the pandemic lockdown, Kate and her family were photographed clapping for the NHS on the front steps of their house in Norfolk.

"The entire family was dressed in blue – the colour most closely associated with the medical profession and in particular the NHS, which reinforced their message of support during such a traumatic time," she says.

"Blue is also a colour that represents professionalism, reassurance and calm, all welcome sentiments during the lockdown." 

The Queen’s Funeral

The Queen’s funeral was possibly the most important moment in Kate’s Royal career to date.

Miranda explains: "State occasions such as this are always full of pageantry and tradition, and this was reflected in the carefully considered outfits the royals all wore, Kate's in particular.

"Kate was the only Royal to wear a full hat and mourning veil combination."

She continues: "Some other members of the firm incorporated a nod to this tradition with a much smaller, token veil attached to their headpiece, but Kate’s was much more visible.

"Mourning veils have been customary since before the Victorian era, and the fact that Kate wore the most dramatic version positions her at the forefront of the household." 

According to the royal fashion stylist, Kate’s jewellery also spoke volumes for her.

Miranda notes: "She wore a stunning pair of pearl drop earrings – pearls being the gem of choice as they are said to represent tears, communicating the deep sadness the Princess felt whilst she kept her composure in the spotlight."

Eagled-eyed fans may have spotted how Kate also paid an extra special tribute to both The Queen and Prince Philip by wearing The Queen’s beloved four strand pearl choker.

"It's known to be Her Majesty’s most sentimental piece of jewellery and a piece that Kate had previously worn to Prince Philip’s Memorial Service," the celebrity stylist adds.

Sparking in sequins at the James Bond Premier

Kate looked the picture of elegance when she stepped out in a head-to-toe gold Jenny Packham gown at the James Bond ‘No Time to Die’ premiere in 2021.

"It was a true film star moment for Kate, who at the time had just completed 10 years as a member of the Royal Family," explains Miranda.

"There was nothing demure or modest about the look at all – in fact, it broke with etiquette and was missing the customary clutch bag which Kate uses to communicate discreetly with her aides."

She continues: "It screamed ‘here I am’ and fully embodied a beautiful woman standing in her innate power and beauty."

According to the royal fashion expert, it was the beginning of a new style era for Kate and showed that world that she was confident and "ready to take her next royal steps."

Remembrance Day 2022

Kate made a sombre appearance in November when she attended the Remembrance Day Service at the Cenotaph to commemorate those who lost their lives in the war.

"Kate looked immaculately dressed in the customary black," says Miranda.

"She appeared dignified, if a little sombre – the absence of the late Queen no doubt weighing heavily on her mind at such an  auspicious occasion."

The fashion guru goes on to point out a noticeable difference in Kate’s outfit when compared to others.

"The whole family accented their looks with a bright red poppy, as a customary means of paying tribute to those lost on the battlefield," she explains.

"But unlike King Charles and most of the others who wore a single poppy, Kate chose to wear a cluster of three."

According to the fashion stylist, it's thought that Kate was wearing multiple brooches to honour family members who had died at war.

"Kate’s Great Grandmother had three brothers who all lost their lives during WW1, and the Princess was lucky enough to view letters from them at the Imperial War museum in 2018," Miranda explains.

"She's not sending messages to the media or public here, or even to other members of her family.

"She's simply wearing the royal style equivalent of ‘her heart on her sleeve’ marking her deep respect for her ancestors through this simple but impactful outfit addition."

The State Banquet

Kate dazzled in a floor-length white Jenny Packham gown when she welcomed President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa at the State Banquet at Buckingham Palace on November 22 this year.

"It provided the perfect backdrop to her many sparkling jewels and customary royal accoutrements," Miranda explains.

"Kate looked resplendent in all her finery.

"She wore the blue sash of the Royal Victorian Order, and another Royal order in the form of a diamond-encircled portrait of the Queen mounted on a yellow ribbon – both honours previously bestowed on the Princess by her late Majesty the Queen."

The fashion stylist says that following much speculation as to which tiara Kate might wear, the Princess opted for her favourite – the Lovers Knot Tiara, which was also loved by Princess Diana. 

"The extra height of the tiara turned an already striking ensemble into something positively statuesque – Kate looked every inch our future Queen," Miranda notes.

She adds that amidst all this pomp, tradition and sparkling splendour, it might've been easy to miss the subtle tribute Kate was paying to the Queen, but points out it was definitely there….

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Miranda continues: "It was all in the dress; a dramatic caped gown with built up shoulders and butterfly sleeves rendering it almost a carbon copy (material aside) of the shimmering gold number Kate wore at the No Time To Die Bond Premiere last year.

"Despite all this ostentatiousness, Kate's sentiments of devotion to Her Majesty were small and sweet – the designer Jenny Packham had named this particular gown ‘Elsbeth’ – the Scottish name for Elizabeth."

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