SINCE a lot of clothes annoying aren't made with bigger figures in mind, there are some things curvy girls should keep in mind if you want to look stylish.

According to this plus-sized fashion whizz there are a few easy changes you can make to your wardrobe that will make a massive difference.

Explaining on you YouTube channel, fashion guru ChiChi revealed the five things that curvy girls should stop doing.

It turns out there are some pretty common mistakes that aren't doing you any favours.

Not picking the right underwear

ChiChi said: "You can have the cutest outfit, but if you have the wrong under garments on it ruins everything."

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She explained that are a several vital under garments that all girls should have, including seamless underwear, a well fitting bra and good shapewear if you like the added support.

No matter what, get fitted for a bra professionally, the fashionista explained that it can make more of a difference to your overall look than you might think.

Wearing the wrong clothes for you body type

"This is very debatable and a little bit controversial," ChiChi said, explaining that while it's important to wear whatever you feel good in, it's always good to know what's actually flattering for your shape.

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What works for one person's body type might not work for you, so finding out what you are is the key.

She explained: "For my body type I know things that are rectangular don't really work for me because I have really full hips.

"It makes me look wider," ChiCi said.

Not trying new things

Just because you're used to wearing something doesn't mean there isn't a different style out there that's better suited to you.

The style queen told her viewers to avoid getting stuck in a fashion rut and give new trends a go to see if they might look good.

"Stop running away from trends, you've got to try it!

"Fashion's meant to be fun," she said.

Avoid overly baggy clothes

ChiChi said: "A lot of women when their bodies change they're default is to wear baggy clothes.

"Rock the body you have proudly and choose pieces that accentuate your assets and conceal the assets that you don't want accentuated.

"Wearing a baggy sack just makes you look bigger!"

Stop waiting until you lose weight

"Please do not wait until you're a certain size to wear something you want to wear!

If you want to wear a bodycon dress and you're a size 26, go ahead," ChiChi said.

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The main thing is confidence, as cheesy as it may sound.

She explained that as much as finding outfits that flatter and compliment your shape is importnat, what's more importnat is finding outfits that you love.

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