I’m a fat girl & I did an online sweep to find the best mini skirt…one is criminal & another you can see my belly button | The Sun

A PLUS-SIZE babe on the hunt to find the perfect mini skirt did a huge online sweep to try and find the one. 

Naomi Native, who describes herself as a ‘fat girl’, explained she'd done an Asos haul of mini skirts and while one was “criminal”, another was so see through, you could see her belly button.

Taking to TikTok to try on her new purchases, the plus-size fashionista shared her clip with the caption ‘I wanna be a mini skirt girlie!!’ 

She said: “We're trying on mini skirts because summer's coming, and I wanna be a mini skirt girly.

“I've done a sweep of the internet to show you what's available for plus babes, especially if you are on the averagely tall side.”

The woman did an Asos haul of mini skirts and tried each one on, giving her honest opinion.

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First up, she tried on a blue denim skirt and noted: “This first one is from Collusion.

“It will do up, but will it look good?

“It is far from fantastic.

“The fact that you can't see my bum cheek right now is beyond me, but it is far too short.”

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The fashionista then tried on a black and white striped mini skirt, as she continued: “This next skirt is from Daisy Street and from the front, I almost love it.

“I just need one more inch and this would have been an absolute vibe, but from the back, I actually don't know what could save me.

“It's criminal. I actually can't turn around.”

Things looked up when Naomi tried on the third mini skirt – this time, a black leather look number.

She added: “Okay and this is why I love Asos.

“My only problem is that it's a little bit thin, like, you can see my belly button and it's clinging here [stomach] and then it's not clinging here [legs].

“So if I got the size up, it might sit a little bit different on me.”

The final mini skirt that Naomi tried was a plain black split skirt.

She revealed: “Oh, I love this.

“Oh, finally. I'm wearing it in a 26.

“It's this suit material, but it's got a bit of give and stretch to it.

“And it's a decent length.

“This, for me, is the perfect mini.

“I absolutely love this, but I'm still on the hunt for a denim miniskirt.”

Naomi’s clip has clearly impressed many, as it was posted just one week ago, but has quickly amassed 14,000 views. 

It has 2,579 likes, 48 comments and 10 shares.

Social media users were left open-mouthed at Naomi’s purchases and were eager to reflect this in the comments. 

One person said: “They all look so lovely, the last especially!!”

Another added: “I think the denim one is the one!!!!”

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A third commented: “The leather one is THE ONE!!”

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