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A DOCTOR has left fans stunned after revealing what she wears underneath her scrubs.

Ren Quette, who works in an emergency department, said the reason why she wears shorts is linked to safety.

In a viral TikTok video, she claimed that people have been left baffled why she wears casual clothes as well as her hospital attire.

In the clip, Ren pulled down her khaki-colored pants and showed off her shorts that she had bought from Target.

Then, she revealed the equipment that she had packed into her pocket – including trauma shears and her stethoscope.

Ren explained that it keeps her tools away from potentially disruptive patients who could use them as a weapon.

She also explained that the extra layers help keep her warm as she claimed she’s “always cold”.

And, she admitted that she likes to visit the gym often and that she’s “lazy” to pack another pair of shorts.

Dozens of viewers believed that Ren’s choice of attire made sense.

One TikToker said: “Yep I work on the ambulance and refused to wear my stethoscope around my neck.”

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And another claimed that a patient took a nurse’s scissors and stabbed them.

They said: “I never wear my scope on my neck anymore when someone tried to grab it.”

A third fan said: “All I needed to hear was ‘I prefer to keep potential weapons…’ and I was like YES.”

But, one TikToker was left sad that Ren had to resort to storing her equipment underneath her scrubs.

They said: “This is a great idea, I’m just heartbroken is has to be done at all.”

But, some curious viewers wondered how Ren would be able to retrieve items such as her stethoscope from underneath her scrubs in an emergency.

Meanwhile, Canadian doctor Misty Ray has revealed how different she looks when she ditches her scrubs.

In a video, Misty pulled off her doctor scrubs to reveal a racy bikini top underneath.

And, another doctor has shown off her instant glow-up after a long day at work.

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