I’m a female electrician – I ditched my boots for a swimsuit, it’s tough work but people are focused on my freckles | The Sun

A FEMALE electrician has captivated viewers with not only her work ethic but also her physical features.

She ditched her boots for a swimsuit to get the job done, but people were focused on something else.

Lexi Abreu (@Lexi_abreu) is a commercial and residential electrician based in New York.

Her job takes a lot of hard work and dedication to the craft to complete.

Sometimes her career leads her to unexpected places and situations.

In a TikTok video, she documented the process of how she jumped into a resident's pool for an electric-related issue.

The video began with Abreu sitting in her car and explaining how it's "another day of fixing f****d up electric."

She wore a floral one-piece bathing suit, Nike shorts, and swimming goggles as she recorded herself from several angles working in the underground pool.

The brunette beauty wrote in the video that another electrician ran too short of a pool light wire they put wire nuts inside of.

So, the content creator had to go into the pool, remove the splicing and run a new wire.

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She also added that she had to grab the screw for the pool light that the other electrician dropped into the deep end and never got out.

Toward the end of the video, Abreu dragged her boots back on and went back to back above ground to stop the pool draining caused by the pool light.

Her tattooed arms were on full display as she lifted heavy machinery and used her equipment to get the task done.

Though she is very tactful and good with her hands, it was her soft freckles that were a major topic of discussion in the comments.

"All those freckles on you. I'm way too attracted. I'm sorry," an admirer commented.

"Her whole vibe and being is such an absolute win," another added.

"Very few of us care this much so it’s good to see another electrician with skill and drive," a viewer praised.

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