I’m a fit gym girl – the ‘Karens’ get mad when I workout in a sports bra, but I don’t care | The Sun

ONE fitness fan won't let the judgmental clients or staff at her local gym distract her from putting in work every day.

The super-toned model also won't give up her shorts and cropped bras, no matter what trolls say.

When Hannah Asanah goes to the gym, she's there to focus on building her career – literally.

She doesn't just work as a model, but also as a bodybuilder, so working out is vital to her livelihood, and so is looking good doing it.

Asanah made a playful swipe at her critics in a TikTok video about her fitted bottoms and supportive sports bras.

She did her best impression of "the Karens" when she shows up to the gym in shorts and a sports bra.

Lip-synching to a viral sound clip, she mouthed, "Is this Say Yes to the Dress, or say yes to the SLUT?" and frowned into the camera.

Her skin was shiny with sweat in the high-lift sports bra, a clear indicator that Asanah needed all the ventilation she could get.

Other women chimed in to share their own experiences with trolls, complaints, and nasty stares.

"I always get weird looks when I walk in with a sports bra and shorts," one woman recounted.

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I get dress-coded every time I work out by ‘Karens’ who give me dirty looks

A different commenter tried to make Asanah feel better about the reactions.

"They only do it to the pretty girls," they reassured her. "They just jelly for real."

Some commenters were frustrated by the lack of logic in the angry feedback Asanah faced.

"It's literally a sports bra. How else are you supposed to wear them?" one woman asked.

Of course, there was also a massive double standard at play, as one person pointed out.

The same "Karens" who complain "don’t say anything when guys take off their shirts at the gym," the commenter wrote.

Despite the anger lobbed her way, Asanah also received dozens of compliments by men enamored by her figure.

"Bro, I wouldn't miss a single gym day, ever," said one man, imagining his life if he went to the same gym as Asanah.

"Ma'am….I believe I'd take a bullet for you," another man wrote. "WOW."

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