CREAMY mashed potato is the ultimate side dish – but it can also be quite time-consuming and the hard efforts won't always pay off.

There’s nothing worse than lumpy mash, but equally it’s highly annoying having to stand in the kitchen mashing away for ages. 

However, according to a foodie fan, there's a much simpler way to create the ultimate, smooth mash.

And this simple hack doesn't involve any strenuous mashing. 

So if you love mashed potatoes, you will love this hack. 

Felix, known as ‘fexiefelix’ on TikTok, doesn’t follow the traditional method of making mashed potatoes and has shared her hack for making the best mash.

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The majority of us will boil our potatoes and then use a potato masher to get rid of the lumps. 

However, there’s no potato masher in sight with Felix’s simple, but clever hack.

Felix’s technique instead involves using a blender to create her mashed potatoes. 

Yes, you heard that correctly.

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Felix said: “Blender mash potatoes are better than any other mash.

“I don’t care if it’s lazy, it’s genius.” 

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In Felix’s video, she shows us her process of making mashed potatoes – we see the potatoes and milk in her blender and shortly after blending, we see her very smooth final result. 

The final product looks super creamy and we can’t believe we haven’t tried this method sooner.

Our minds are blown and we will definitely be giving this quick technique a go.

Clearly Felix’s mash technique has impressed numerous people as it has racked up 18.5k views. 

However, commenters were left divided over Felix’s method. 

Many users were impressed and couldn’t believe they hadn’t given it a go sooner.

One person said: “I’ve been putting it through a sieve to get it that smooth and you’re out here doing this” to which Felix responded: “HAHAH oh my god the sieve must be so much work – I realised this hack at 16 and never looked back.” 

Another added: “Genius.” 

However, others claimed that the texture of Felix’s mashed potato was not how they would normally like it. 

One TikToker claimed: “This is what I call hospital mash vibes.”

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Someone else stated: “It gets all gummy though.” 

Another cringed:: “That is too smooth a texture so yuck.”

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