I’m a gym fan & another client reported my outfit for being ‘inappropriate’ – I don’t get it, I thought it was cute | The Sun

A FITNESS fanatic has revealed that she was dress-coded while working out after a fellow gym-goer reported her outfit.

TikTok user @Pelleinthegym showed her viewers the outfit that landed her in hot water.

Modeling the look, Pelle wrote: "Someone reported my gym fit to staff for being inappropriate today."

The TikToker paired a simple white tank top with a pair of black shorts and white sneakers.

"I thought my gym fit was cute," Pelle wrote in the caption of her video.

Pelle, who works as a sergeant in the United States military, regularly posts content relating to her work out routines.

The TikToker can be seen wearing shorts and T-shirts in majority of her exercise videos.

However, Pelle's followers took to the comments section to share their insights into the issue with her outfit.

"Wayyyy too much shoulder," one person pointed out.

Another viewer agreed: "Too much shoulders, if high school taught me anything."

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Other users sided with Pelle, and couldn't understand why her outfit was inappropriate.

"That's weird as f*ck, like stop watching me and focus on your workout, weirdo," said one follower.

Another person suggested: "Someone was jealous by the sounds of it, or has too much time on their hands."

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