I’m a gym girl – I gained 30 lbs and had a major glute glow-up, people say ‘Jiminy Christmas’ when they see | The Sun

A FITNESS fanatic has revealed the results of her dedicated work out routine.

She shared a massive before and after glow-up of her glutes.

Her shapely silhouette led admirers to say "Jiminy Christmas" to express their shock.

Kara (@jakarabella) posted the impressive transformation to TikTok.

In the video, she showed herself at her starting weight of 114 pounds.

Next, she revealed her bodybuilding glow-up at 145 pounds.

The gym girl clearly looked thrilled with her 30 pound weight gain, showing a huge smile to fans.

The video came as part of a trend of women sharing their fitness glow-ups.

Taking up bodybuilding often leads to weight gain depending on the individual's fitness goal.

Gaining weight from taking up a training regimen is typically due to increased muscle mass.

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This allows fitness fanatics to build their bodies by focusing on growing specific muscle groups.

The video stunned viewers, who shared their thoughts in the comment section.

"Wow incredible," one wrote. "Hard work pays off amazing."

"I need the routine this is inane," another added.

“Jimomey Christmas,” wrote a third commenter, misspelling the phrase “Jiminy Christmas.”

"This is all I want," one more said.

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