I’m a gym girl with a sleeper build – I’m so ripped men accuse me of faking my leg extensions | The Sun

A GYM girl has shared that her so-called sleeper build has led men to accuse her of faking her leg extensions.

Licensed personal trainer Amanda Fransson, who posts on Instagram under the handle @amandafranssoonnn, shared the allegations in a recent video.

Amanda starts her video by showing off her gym fit.

She's seen wearing leggings and a loose-fitting tshirt.

"I'm now going to call myself a 'sleeper build' because while I look fit I definitely look a lot weaker than I actually am," she shared in the video's on-screen text.

The video then shows various clips of her workout, during which she works on leg extensions and deadlifts, among other areas.

"If you’ve followed my stories the past days, you know that a dude got so provoked by my lifting that he made a whole video claiming that I’m faking the leg extension machine," her caption reads in part.

"Well this is the video!

"Do you think I’m bringing a fake leg extension machine with me to the gym when I record my workouts?"

Amanda's video has been liked more than 13,000 times.

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The comments section is filled with people supporting the personal trainer.

"Think they are upset you do more on the machine than them," one person wrote.

"Dude got upset you were repping his PR," commented another.

"I think you look great honestly and def not weak," someone else chimed in.

"Nah I think sleeper build is the perfect term. You’re definitely way stronger than you look," said another.

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