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A HAIR expert has lifted the lid on five common mistakes people make when it comes to washing their hair.

From not changing your shampoo product regularly enough to using water that is too hot, there’s plenty to consider – and we bet you’re guilty of at least one.

Social media user and hygiene pro Madame Sweat (@madamesweat) unveiled her list of shampoo sins, as she explained the reason behind each error. 

She said: “Here’s five shampoo mistakes that I bet you don’t even know you’re making.”

Madame Sweat then began her top five wrongdoings, starting out with how often you change your shampoo and swap it for another product.

She continued: “You want to change your shampoo every two months.”

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Revealing the science behind the idea, the hair pro explained: “You don’t want to get a build up from the current ingredients.

“I’m curious to see how many of you rotate your shampoo.”

The second point was all to do with how much product you’re using each time you’re foaming up. 

“Less is more. You only want a quarter size product on your hair,” the American lady went on to say, as she showed shampoo on her hand the size of around a 2p coin. 

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Up next, it’s all about where you apply the shampoo – and while it’s important to concentrate on the roots, mixing things up is key.

She told herTikTok  554k followers: “ Never apply shampoo to the same spot every time.

“Target different areas of your head.”

Running with the theme of how you put the shampoo on your head and how much pressure you should be using to do so, Madame Sweat said to remember two pivotal things.

Firstly, she pointed out that you should be using your fingertips to massage in the shampoo, as opposed to your palms 

She then added: “And too much friction can damage your hair.”

And finally Madame Sweat said that the temperature of the water you use is key to your hair’s health. 

She concluded: “You’re rinsing your hair with too hot water in the shower.

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“Turn your shower down to lukewarm.”

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