A HAIR professional has shared how everyone is making the same three mistakes when washing their locks. 

And it turns out if you’re using the same shampoo every time you step into the shower, you're doing your hair a big disservice. 

Taylor Rose, who is on TikTok as @thehealthyhur, shares expert tips with her followers.

The latest post, titled ‘three shampoo mistakes you had no idea you were making’, lifts the lid on what you’re doing wrong and how you can fix it.

Taylor, who works as a trichologist, explained that the first is using the same shampoo, as you should also be incorporating a clarifying shampoo.

She said: “Add in a clarifying shampoo weekly or every other week to remove build up from products and other shampoos.”

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Secondly, Taylor identified that most people are “not wetting hair fully before shampooing.”

She went on to say that the more water that you use, the better the lather you can create.

Taylor said: “Without the lather, people use more products, which strips your hair and wastes money and product.”

The third and final mistake people often make is also to do with the technique they have adopted.

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The social media user explained how she sees people using “too much friction” when trying to create that lather. 

Instead, Taylor suggested an alternative method which she said was much more effective. 

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She continued: “Move your fingers or massager and gently move in small circular motions.”

She concluded that this would prevent damage, while also ensuring your locks are fresh and clean.

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