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THERE'S nothing quite like that fresh salon feel, but with the cost of living squeezing many of us dry, regular hair appointments might be hard to maintain.

But you don't have to give up on haircare entirely or rely on a DIY job at home because according to one hairdresser there are ways to get your hair done on a budget without breaking the bank.

"With the rising cost of living it’s easy to think we need to give hair maintenance the snip in favour of trimming back some of our expenses," Mary Forester, the owner of Oak Hair Studio,tells Fabulous.

"But we can still look after our hair on a budget as long as you know where to look."

One option is to find a nearby college that offers hair and beauty training, says Mary, 38, from Kingston Upon Thames.

"You’ll easily be able to book in at a heavily discounted rate," she explains.

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But if you're looking for a cut and a colour you might even find you'll get it for free.

And there are hundreds of colleges around the UK that offer such courses so you shouldn't have trouble finding one close enough to you.

But if that's not an option, you can still stick with your favourite high street salon, but make sure you go on a weekday because it'll save you loads.

"High street salons will also offer training days where juniors will take to the floor at a discounted rate," says Mary.

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She explains that the trainees are overseen by experienced educators, so there's no chance they'll mess up.

"[You'll still] come out with a cut that’s more Vidal Sassoon than Edward Scissorhands," she adds.

Otherwise, if you want someone more experienced but without the added cost, there's an option for that too.

"Tuesdays are notoriously quiet in salons," Mary says, so try booking in for then.

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"Look out for midweek offers (such as Tuesday) or last-minute walk-in appointments," she explains.

"These are sometimes known as standbys and you'll get a qualified stylist at a snip of their full price."

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