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A HOOTERS girl has pulled back the veil and revealed her top uniform hacks to instantly amp the statement uniform.

She shared her secret tricks to look better, and also her take on which unform top gives the best cleavage.

TikTok creator @illusionalxkitty, who also goes by Kiks, shared a video that details her unique hacks for making sure that Hooter girls like herself always look their best.

Much of her content focuses on her life experiences and working as a Hooters girl.

Another Hooters girl, Cassie, shared a TikTok video where she asks three questions concerning her Hooters uniform, and Kiks comes to the rescue to offer advice.

In her video reply, the Houston-Texas-based Hooters employee gives viewers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into her work life and shares her quick uniform tricks that help get the best tips.


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Kiks mentions in her video that she has been a Hooters girl for about a year, and has acquired a good amount of knowledge from working at the dining establishment.

The other woman's first question pertains to the Hooters signature short shorts, and Kiks states that they're not supposed to look baggy and should be in a size extra small or extra extra small.

"I like extra extra small in the orange. The black I think is a little bit smaller," she explains.

The content creator proceeds to show her hack to make the shorts fit right and accentuate a woman's body shape.

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She rolls the tan uniform tights over her Hooters shirt and places the shorts on top of the tights to conceal them and also hold her shorts in position.

The second hack concerns the Hooters apron and Kiks exhibits her unique loop method that places the straps in the waistband of the shorts, so it doesn't come out.

Her trick is a convenient way to make sure that the apron doesn't fall down.

The third tip addresses which uniform top style she thinks gets her bust to look lifted and supported in her Hooters uniform top.

"I personally like the long sleeve than the short sleeve one better because they do show the cleavage a little bit more," the young woman claims.

Kiks also adds that for during the duration of the video, she was wearing a non pushup bra and she still had an ample amount of cleavage.

As the video comes to a close, the content creator does affirm that "pushup bras are your best friend" and wishes her Hooter girl companion the best of luck.

Kiks' Hooters hacks didn't stop in the video, and she even tossed an additional afterthought in a comment.

"Also hair spray your tights 🙂 it’ll save you money," she wrote.

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Cassie shared her appreciation for Kiks insightful video in the comment section.

"1) thank you x10 this was so helpful!! 2) you are so pretty!!!" she praised.

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