I’m a hot female cop – people confess their crimes when they see my transformation from uniform to evening clothes | The Sun

A FEMALE police officer shared what she looks like on-duty and off-duty and people are obsessed.

KD, a Miami-based cop, shared the transformation video with over 13k TikTok followers.

"FOREVER THAT GIRL on & off the clock," she said.

The first photo she shared in a reel of photos was one of her in full uniform in the back of a police car.

She transitioned to a video of her off-duty, makeup on and in a black turtleneck.

Other photos of her off-duty included her wearing a slinky black dress paired with black heels.

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Another going-out photo showed her wearing a fuschia button-up top.

Her followers flooded the comments to shower her with compliments.

"Hey Miss Officer," flirted one commenter.

"I would’ve never thought lol," said another.

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"Yep I'm transferring departments," joked a third.

Some even started confessing their crimes to get her attention.

"Officer I just ran a stop sign and I’ll do it again if you don’t come stop me," said one commenter.

"Come lock me up Ms. Officer," said another.

"I stole some a bottle of 1942 TODAY ! Come Get me ms officer IM IN HARLEM waiting for you with some roses catch me if you can," said a third.

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