I’m a hot gym girl, people say I make them ‘question their sexuality’ with my glute workouts | The Sun

A GYM girl has people questioning their sexuality after sharing her glute workouts.

Korpo (@korpobrownskin), a fitness influencer, shared her workout routine in a video with over 650,000 TikTok followers.

She had an interesting take on going to the gym with lots of passion and ambition.

"Things they never tell you about going to the gym 'Horny 24/7,'" she said.

She adjusted her yellow leggings, showing off her butt, and started working out her glutes on a machine.

"To all my gym girls who struggle with multiple exercises on leg day, I’m telling you to try “ GOOD MORNING “ on the hack machine it hit different," she advised.

"It work your glutes , quads, and hamstrings."

People were inspired by her demonstration of the "Good Morning" routine.

Some were a little too inspired.

"Have started questioning my sexuality," said one commenter.

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"Don't ask me the color of anything," said another.

"Yellow bro yellow," replied a helpful viewer.

"As a woman am not even focused," said a third.

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