I’m a laundry whizz and here’s how to dry your wet clothes quickly WITHOUT using a pricey tumble dryer | The Sun

DRYING your clothes after a wash can be rather difficult in the cold winter months, especially for those who rely on hanging their clothes outside.

Even for those who don’t tend to use outside space for drying their clothes this winter is still set to be a particularly difficult one with rising costs that may make keeping your radiators on, or running a tumble dryer impossible.

Speaking to the Express Daniel Nezhad, Director of UK Radiators, shared his tips for drying your clothes without the use of a tumble dryer.

His first tip is to ventilate any room in which you’re hanging clothes to dry.

Daniel says: “Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t opt to trap the heat in your home by keeping the windows and doors shut tight.

“When there are wet clothes filling the area, this will dampen the air in the room and make it near impossible for laundry to dry in good time.”

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If both the clothes and air are wet then the clothes will have no chance to lose their moisture, meaning they’ll either stay wet or take ages to dry.

He adds that a lack of ventilation can also cause damage to your property and cause damp and mould to form.

Instead you should open the window to allow air to circulate, the expert says: “This will allow the moisture to escape and prevent the room from getting too clammy.”

While this may be hard in the cold winter, Daniel suggests purchasing a humidifier, which will help to draw the moisture out of the air.

Daniel said: “These nifty little devices ensure that your property doesn’t get too damp and can be perfect for preventing mould.”

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However, this can be expensive to buy and run, so for those unable to purchase one of these, Daniel suggests instead purchasing a drying rack.

While you may have the radiator on anyway, Daniel says that placing clothes on it can actually be a fire hazard, arguing that you should instead put your clothes on a drying rack and place that in proximity to the radiator.

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