THERE'S a lot we love about summer…

But dealing with our foundation melting in the sun and streaming mascara from hay fever are the parts we'd happily avoid.

But this year we don't need to sweat it.

Make up artist Aimee Piper, 33, from Essex, a leading skin specialist at Vie-Derma, tells Fabulous how to keep your makeup in place during the heat without breaking the bank.

Summer Saver: Oil-absorbing serums

Wave goodbye to your primer and say hello to oil-absorbing serums this summer.

Rather than adding another layer of makeup, these serums promise to keep oil at bay while nourishing the skin.

Expert Aimee Says:

"Silicone primers can trap heat in and make you sweat more, it creates a barrier so when you touch your skin you can feel the makeup move away from that area."


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Summer Saver: Blotting paper and powder

Blotting papers get rid of excess sweat and oil without moving your makeup around or caking on more product.

Not only do they work wonders for mopping up extra grease – but they're also reasonably priced too and even Kate Middleton swears by them.

Expert Aimee Says:

"If you’re in a pinch, a smooth tissue and a little powder will do the exact same thing as blotting papers – and paper tissues are always lying around.

"When wearing sunglasses, add a little extra powder to your cheekbones and bridge of the nose, and even on your glasses to prevent your makeup from moving around."

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Forget wearing a full face of makeup and opt for lightweight productsCredit: Instagram

Summer Saver: Less is more

Right now is not the time to be putting on a full face of makeup.

If you want to add colour to your face, stick with a lip and cheek tint rather than contour, blush and highlighter.

Stay clear of full coverage foundations – instead, opt for a tinted moisturiser.

While shimmer looks great in the winter – the metal particles can retain heat to your face.

Expert Aimee says:

"If you don’t want to buy a tinted moisturiser, opt for concealer to cover any problem areas – or mix a little bit of fake tan with your moisturiser to give you a hint of colour and glow."

Summer Saver: Go waterproof

Nobody wants to end up with panda eyes by lunchtime.

So now is the time to get a waterproof mascara that won't budge during the summer heat.

You can use extra precautions by placing a little extra translucent powder around the eyes as well.

Expert Aimee says:

"Translucent powder below the bottom lash lines will create a barrier to stop panda eyes.

"A cheap waterproof mascara will also help keep your lashes coated all day."

Summer Saver: Setting sprays

No matter what skin type you are – always use a setting spray to keep make up in place – and opt for one that will reduce oil and shine during the hotter months.

Expert Aimee says:

"Think about the event you're going to, not just your skin type.

"If you have dry skin and go for a dewy setting spray, that would usually work wonders.

"But if you’re at a musical festival where you’ll know you’ll get sweaty, opt for one designed to reduce oil and shine

“Choose the right one for the event, not just your skin type."

Summer Saver: Ditch the moisturiser

Moisturiser may be a part of your daily morning routine – but in the summer it isn't always necessary.

Instead go straight to your SPF – which is important to wear any time of the year – but especially during summer when UV rays are out in full force.

We all know SPF needs to be applied throughout the day to keep our skin protected – so make sure you grab one that wont disturb your makeup.

Expert Aimee says:

"During the summertime, we don’t need them throughout the day – stick to using them during the evening to hydrate your skin at night.

"SPF misting sprays are much lighter than a cream and can be used to touch up over makeup throughout the day and help set your makeup."

Amiee’s top tips to keep makeup in place during the summer

  1. Switch out your primers for an oil-absorbing serum to keep shine at bay.
  2. Use blotting paper or a tissue to absorb oil throughout the day.
  3. Opt for lighter makeup looks that won't move around as much.
  4. Use waterproof mascara to prevent panda eyes.
  5. Use moisturiser at night instead of in the morning and go straight for SPF.

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