I'm a midsize mom – an XL Abercrombie jumpsuit gives me an hour-glass shape while showing off my booty | The Sun

A MIDSIZE mom has shown off her stunning figure in an Abercrombie jumpsuit.

Bonnie Wyrick, who has almost 600,000 followers on TikTok, gained notoriety for encouraging confidence in people of all shapes and sizes.

"I love a good jumpsuit!" Wyrick told her followers, showing off the basic, black piece in a video titled, "Keep or return this @abercrombie jumpsuit!"

She explained that the athletic fabric provided some extra stretch, making the jumpsuit exceptionally comfortable to wear around the house.

"Great little throw-on for errands," she added.

The mother also noted that her new purchase provided some breathing room up top, but still showed off her curves in all the right places.

"It's a little big in the bust just because I'm a pear shape. I'm thick on the bottom and a little smaller and deflated on the top," said Wyrick. "It hits you at the waist and really gives you that hourglass shape."

For somebody between size 14 and 16, the XL Abercrombie jumpsuit seemed to fit perfectly.

"We are a basic, comfy queen and that is okay," Wyrick concluded.

The woman's followers had some practical questions before calling the shot on whether the social media star should keep the item.

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"Does it come off easy so you can go to the bathroom? Like it doesn't zip up the back right?" asked @stephyd043.

Wyrick responded "Super easy! Just pull it down!"

Another user questioned if Abercrombie's sizes were generally inclusive for a wide range of people.

"Wait I just feel like nothing in Abercrombie would fit me??" wrote @brimariesial96.

Wyrick was quick to ease her concerns. "Omg Abercrombie is my FAV!! They’ve expanded their sizes and added a curvy line!" she wrote back.

The jumpsuit is one of many pieces that Wyrick has reviewed from Abercrombie.

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