I'm a money saving guru & got trolled for a £5 car boot trip – but people don’t get how good I am at bargain hunting | The Sun

A MONEY saving guru has hit back at a troll who slammed her for spending £5 at the car boot sale.

She frequently takes to her Duchess of Thrift page on TikTok to share cost cutting tips and tricks, but recently shared a video of what she'd picked up from the car boot.

However, the video sparked a comment from one angry troll, who said to her: "You’re on here and you’re talking about saving money and yet you went and spent £5 on tat at the car boot sale."

So she decided to "clap back" at the troll, who she has since blocked, as she explained her reasons for going to the sale in another video on TikTok.

"It’s more than just going and spending money," she said.

"I spend time with my best friend and we walk around in the fresh air on a Sunday morning and we spend a few quid and we get loads of stuff for ourselves.

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"And we feel really, really good about it.

"Because you might spend £5 and you come back with about £400 worth of stuff – it’s insane if you’ve got a good eye for it.

"And what that it does – it gives me a little dopamine lift."

She continued to explain that at the moment, during the cost of living crisis, it's "really, really important" to seek joy where you can.

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"Everybody’s life satisfaction is on the decline," she said.

"So everything feels quite tough at the moment.

"People’s mental health is on the decline, their emotional wellbeing is on the decline and our standard of living is on the decline.

"We’re pulling our belts in wherever we can and all of that is hard work because you’re surviving instead of thriving.

"And actually, if you can do little acts of kindness, and do things for yourself – even if it’s a few quid for your favourite chocolate bar or a nice treat you like to eat, or if you see something in a charity shop or like I like to do, the car boot…those tiny little treats just to give you a lift."

She also said that the time she spends at the car boot sale is even more important because of how thin she spreads herself as a full-time working mum.

"It is tough at the moment and you’ve got to take those little snippets of joy where you can," she concluded.

"So that, troll lady, is why I go to the car boot sale."

"This was a very gracious and classy response," one person commented on the video.

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"YOU are a ray of light! I love your content and tips and tricks- keep it up!"

"So pleased you've raised the importance of positive mental health and self care," another added.

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