I'm a mum in the no bra club – it can be a total safety hazard but is way more comfortable | The Sun

A MUM has revealed how she’s a proud member of the ‘No Bra Club’ and wishes she’s never have to wear one again.

Donna Matheson, 32, knows that people expect her to cover up because of her large bust.

But she’s adamant the only time she’ll put on a bra is when she visits the gym – and that’s just for her own safety.

The glamour model and OnlyFans star reckons life is much easier without one and doesn’t think there anything wrong with letting it all hang loose.

She says: “I was out just at weekend with no bra and under boob.

“I find it more comfortable. I say free the nipple club.

“I wear one just for the gym as I’ll knock myself out running if not.

“But I don’t wear them day to day typically.”

Donna previously told how she goes from 'homeless to hot' when she gets her kit off.

The single parent, also a personal trainer and make-up artist, values her comfort when she's not working or hitting the gym and prefers to wear less flattering outfits.

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But this means that some people get a shock when she strips down to reveal her big boobs and tiny waist.

Donna says: "The classic mum bun is in.

"I have this jacket I love which is literally a sleeping bag.

"My friends always say 'rocking the homeless look again, Donna? ' because it seems like I have it on 24/7.

"As a glamour model, people would never ever guess how I look day to day.

"I’m always in baggy and comfortable clothes."

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