A MUM has opened up about welcoming two ‘identical’ baby daughters who could easily be mistaken for twins.

But, in reality, the adorable girls were welcomed to the world just one week apart, as one is their biological daughter, while the other was adopted.

Instagram account The Big Bass Family adventure, run by couple Kelly and Daniel Bass, are proud parents of nine children – four of them their birth children, and a further five adopted into the family. 

The couple, whose handle is @thebigbassfamilyadventure, introduced their latest new additions – who they describe as “unexpected twins” – on their social media page.

Posting an adorable video of the two newborns, Bravely and Haven, side by side, Kelly wrote: “Our oldest daughter [Elorah] burst into my bathroom one morning several years ago. 

“With such great excitement, she exclaimed that God had given her a dream and told her that she would have a little baby sister with blue eyes. 

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“I laughed, probably a little too raucously, and expressed that we already had six children (at that time) and perhaps her dream meant something else.”

Then, when Kelly went on to fall pregnant with baby number seven, and it transpired that he would be a little boy, they thought it wasn’t meant to be. 

Yet everything changed when they went on to adopt a beautiful baby girl called Haven – and then welcome her ‘twin sister’ one week later.

Kelly, who got engaged to Daniel after just three months of dating, continued: “Well, today we are nuzzling our blue eyed baby girl that we received through the gift of adoption right next to our biological daughter born one week later!”

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Kelly said she had always been keen to adopt, and the couple began the process in 2015, before welcoming four siblings into their family.

Then, after she fell pregnant with her eighth child – a little girl – the couple discovered that a friend’s friend was also pregnant but couldn’t have the baby herself. 

So they knew “instantly” that she would be part of their family and that they would have two newborns at the same time. 

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The two were born just seven days apart and have filled their family with even more love.

Kelly recently wrote: “It’s been a beautiful and perfect dream to have the gift of these two perfect treasures along with all our other larger treasures at home.” 

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