ARE fakeaways the answer to keeping our takeaway cravings alive? 

Mum and TikToker @chloeandarchie seems to think so and has figured out a way to keep her family-of-three happy, and still limit the washing up, with a supermarket version to the classic pizza, chips and dips delivery. 

“It’s so much quicker and so much cheaper than getting a takeaway” she says.

We all love a takeaway on the weekend as a treat, but if Chloe were to order the family favourites of pepperoni pizza, garlic pizza bread, potato wedges and garlic dip from somewhere like Domino's it could cost her a whopping £34.76.

But instead, her savvy shopping means her DIY pizza board ended up costing around £2.60 each for three people – a fraction of the cost.

The video shows Chloe piling up slices of pizza and garlic bread next to bowls of french fries and mozzarella dippers with ready-made dips.

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Every item on the board was bought from UK supermarkets, Aldi, Lidl and Asda, making it a very quick and hassle-free alternative to home cooking, and a cheaper way to get that takeaway taste. 

The items on the board appeared to be fan favourites with other shoppers loving the food choices in the comments. 

The star of the show was the new pepperoni and honey pizza from Aldi, and the garlic bread and chips were bought there too.  

“Aldi’s cheesy garlic bread is actually the best and it’s only 99p” said one comment. 

The mozzarella dippers came from Lidl as the toddler mum “totally forgot to get them” at Aldi. 

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The TikToker visited a third supermarket for the garlic and chilli dips and mentioned how she had to go to Asda because they are the best “garlic and chilli in the world”.

There was also a sweet chilli dip on the board that came with the mozzarella dippers. 

The mum of one also highlighted that presenting it all on one board makes life so much easier because there is less to wash up than serving everything on individual plates.

“It’s literally just one chopping board and that is it”. 

She also added that having everything on a chopping board is “better than three plates, sauce all over knives and forks. And it's fun for my toddler”. 

With 21.7k likes on TikTok, the mum’s fakeaway board was very popular amongst viewers who added their own favourite fakeaway tips and tricks. 

One comment said that “the dips from Asda are amazing! Only garlic I’ve ever tasted that’s similar to takeaway garlic”. 

“Isn’t it!! It’s the closest garlic to a takeaway 100%” Chloe replied.

Some people in the comments loved the idea but noted that they wouldn’t be able to share it with anyone else, let alone two other people,“It looks great but I would need my own board and food. 

“I’d need a scaffolding board at my house”, another joked.

But it seems the trend has already caught on as one comment said that “I do this all the time, so much better homemade”. 

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Another recommended “adding extra cheese to the garlic pizza before you put it in the oven”.

This goes to prove just how customisable the fakeaway board idea is, all in the comfort of your own home and at a slither of the price. 

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