THERE are several thousand, if not millions, of photographs featuring the Kardashians online.

Notably, two members of the Kardashian family have become more secretive – especially when it comes to their kids.

Why have Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner suddenly become more private after years of revealing everything to the media?

Kirsty Ketley, a parent consultant, co-founder of parenting app Parenthood, and mother-of-two from Surrey, UK, has a theory. Here's what Ketley thinks:

“The Kardashian/Jenner family is one of the most famous and most photographed families in the world," she says.

"They have all earned their fortune from living life in the limelight, sharing their highs and lows and their journeys as they embark into parenthood, posting regular updates on their social media platforms about their kids.


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“It has become very noticeable recently though, that two of the family members, Khloe and Kylie, seem to be now shunning the spotlight on their kids and opting to keep things a little more private. 

“While there has been no official statement as to why this could be, and it is certainly not something to be critical of, one reason may be down to the constant backlash they face about their parenting.

"Khloe has recently been accused of putting daughter, True, in danger by posting a picture of her new school supplies emblazoned with her name, and Kylie for getting daughter Stormi, four, fake nails which were a choking hazard. 

“Living life through the lens, is no mean feat, and when it comes to kids, their safety and wellbeing should be paramount, so could Kylie and Khloe be realising this? 

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“It is thought that kids will have well over 1,000 pictures of themselves on social media before they reach the age of five due to parents ‘sharenting’ their every move – the good and the bad! 

“This of course, comes with risks, whether you have a private account or not, as people can easily, and quickly, screen grab and circulate images.

"That means they can easily fall into the ‘wrong’ hands and your child can be exploited online, in places where you really don’t want them exploited. 

“Of course, it is natural to want to share your life as a parent with family and friends online.

"And for the millions of influencers sharing their parenting journey, it helps normalize the lesser talked about parts of being ‘mom and dad’ and helps other parents feel less alone.

"In doing so, it can also be a way to earn some money and work around the kids, but it is important to remember that every time an image is shared digitally on social media, there is the risk of it becoming out of your control. 

“It is also important to remember that everything you share is there for your child to see once they are old enough to access these platforms and may leave them feeling violated and embarrassed. 

“With Khloe and Kylie reaching millions of people every day, this of course can be a cause for concern.

"But they may also just feel that growing up in the limelight is not what they want for their kids, to help them have some sort of ‘normal’ childhood.

"Other celebrities, such as Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepherd and Tyra Banks, seem to manage this well with their kids. 

“Keeping kids away from social media and the public glare may also help discourage them from wanting their own accounts at a young age.

"Parents are role models for their kids, remember, and seeing their parents sharing their every move, could be seen as something to aspire to.

“But, there is also the possibility that Khloe and Kylie are wanting to protect their kids from the toxic side of being online – the vicious online trolls, as I shared along with some other parents last year. 

“It is sadly not unusual for online trolls to post nasty remarks about kid’s appearances, names, etc., and any parent reading those kinds of comments about their child would feel upset. 

“With everything leaving a footprint on the internet, the chances are that your child will come across any negative comments, which can be damaging to their mental wellbeing.

“The obvious thing would be to keep your kids off social media completely.

"But the more realistic thing is to be very aware of what you are posting, with whom you are sharing your content, and how often you are putting your kids in the spotlight, to minimize any potential risks."

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