I’m a pro cleaner – I have four tips for things we all do which won’t cost a penny and will make your house sparkle | The Sun

A PROFESSIONAL cleaner has lifted the lid on four things you can start doing now to make your house look like you’ve paid someone else to do it.

The owner of domestic cleaning company Peachy Clean shared four things you can do that won’t cost a penny.

Each one just requires a cloth and some arm strength. 

Peachy Clean took to Tik Tok to share its four tips for a sparkling home.


The professional cleaner’s first tip was to use a dry cloth when rubbing down silver pieces in the kitchen – such as taps and cutlery. 

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A dry cloth means there will be no watermarks or wet grub stuck to your sink after cleaning.


When cleaning down cupboards and shelves, you should start scrubbing at the top and work downwards.

This is so any dust or dirt is being worked down to the floor rather than smeared upwards.

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If something has spilt on the floor, the professional tip is to mop in “one motion” rather than smearing it left to right.

This prevents how far the spillage travels and allows your cloth to soak up more liquid by concentrating on the area the spill already is. 


Getting rid of dust from your nooks, crannies and skirting boards can be a pain.

But the professional cleaner’s tip is to sweep these up with a damp cloth so the dust sticks to it.

This means you give the area an effective clean and can properly get rid of the dust, rather than brushing it elsewhere.

The video has since garnered over two million views and 164,000 likes.

A whopping 250 people took to the comments, with some saying the tips were “common sense” and others praising the video.

One person penned: “Why did I never think about using a damp cloth for dusting…”

A second added: “I tried explaining to my boyfriend how dry dusting does nothing but smear the dust on top of surfaces.

“But no, he doesn't believe me”

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The owner of Peachy Clean replied: “I’m so glad someone else struggles with teaching their partner.

“I get frustrated and do it myself.”

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