I’m a professional cleaner – 3 rules your mom probably never taught you, there's an easy trick to fix stinky garbage | The Sun

A CLEANING expert has shared three rules she lives by that your mom may have never taught you.

One nifty little trick solved the problem of stinky trash cans.

Michelle (@maidbynature) shared the cleaning tips in a video with over 80,000 TikTok followers.

The pro started off by explaining she made it a habit of changing out her kitchen cloths daily.

She revealed many people were actually cleaning wrong and made a critical mistake in their homes.

"That thing sees some pretty sketchy s**t, if your counters are left streaky that's a sure sign you're using a dirty cloth and you're just spreading the bacteria around," she said.

She explained that she also got into the routine of spraying down her surfaces daily with a mixture of isopropyl alcohol, water, and dish soap.

"It's cost effective and will naturally disinfect," she said, adding that the mixture needs to be left on surfaces for at least 15 seconds.

Last but not least, to solve the problem of stinky trash, she poured half a cup to a cup of bleach into her garbage before taking it out.

"If food scraps and meat packaging go into your garbage, it gets stinky and can attract rodents, animals, as well as maggots," she said.

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People took to the comments to share their thoughts on her advice — some liked her idea, others not so much.

"Never thought about the bleach in the trash bag, genius!" said one commenter.

Others thought there were alternatives: "All this is great but I'm not willingly pouring liquid into a trash can, I'll just rinse things off before tossing it," said another.

"I’m a professional cleaner and the amount of houses I clean that don’t replace their dish rags until I come clean for them is insane," said a third.

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