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A PROFESSIONAL cleaner has issued a word of warning to other people about the five things she would never have in her home.

And there’s plenty of reasons for her choices – from being hard to clean to being extremely unhygienic.

The New Zealand based cleaner began with the kitchen, before offering additional tips for bathrooms and bedrooms.

In a social media video titled “five things I would not do in my house after being a cleaner” , TikTok user @leaderscleaning also explained the unique reason behind each banned item.

Up first, she highlighted how pocket like kitchen handles – a popular choice with many – should be replaced by something else.

The reason? She explained: “They rarely get properly cleaned and disinfected deep inside.”

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And she added that even if you do manage to get in between the handles and give them a deep clean, it’s a “mission” to do it.

Meanwhile, the TikToker also said that she wouldn’t recommend buying a kitchen rug to jazz up your space.

She explained: “They look good but get dirty constantly with all the cooking.”

She then moved on to the living room or dining area, as she said that one type of coffee table should be left in the shop.

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The TikToker went on to say: “Black glass coffee table or furniture reflects dusts so much even when cleaned frequently.”

When it comes to the bathroom, the cleaner also had some helpful guidance.

She maintained that a round shower cabin might look aesthetically pleasing – but it’s not at all practical from a cleaning point of view.

She explained: “They are harder to clean, squeegee or get into sliding fixtures.

They rarely get properly cleaned and disinfected deep inside

“They could save space but would keep it as a last resort.” 

Last, but by no means least, Leaders Cleaning said you need to think long and hard about which bedroom wardrobes you’d like.

She then shared how, in her expert opinion, why the floor to ceiling mirrored variety should be at the very bottom of the list.

The TikToker concluded: “As they are used often, there are always fingerprints.”



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But that’s not all – as well as additional cleaning, she added: “They are also hard to polish at the very top.”

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