I’m a proud traveller but live in a house – people slam it and say my taste is tacky but they know nothing | The Sun

A TRAVELLER woman has revealed why she is proud to live in a house instead of a mobile home – and people are amazed how spotless it is. 

TikTok user Wendy Louise Jones uploaded a video showing around her pristine home, but said cruel trolls slam it as “tacky.”

On her @miss_wendy_louise_jones account, she showed inside her bedroom which had a pretty dressing table and full-length mirror. 

Replying to a rude comment which criticised her taste, she said: “Why can’t people keep their nasty comments to themselves?

“Nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all I was taught.”

She previously showed viewers around her kitchen and dining room, which was decorated in a white and grey colour scheme.

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Wendy said of the clip: “I’m proud to be a traveller in a house.

“Just because I don’t live in a caravan doesn’t mean I’m not a traveller, it’s our blood.”

The large room had a stylish dining room table and chairs, along with a fish tank and cake stand on the counter.

Many people were amazed at her immaculate pad, with one saying: “Never ever seen a dirty traveller house or caravan, always so so clean.”

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Previously, Gypsy Sisters on TLC shared how it is tradition for homes to be kept as clean as possible.

On the show, Kayla said: "Being a gypsy mother and a housewife, we stay on top of our game, keep everything out of the way.

"So keeping it clean and keeping up with everything that comes along with the homes a big upkeep, but well worth it."

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According to the 2011 Census, 76 per cent of Gypsies and Irish Travellers in England and Wales lived in bricks-and-mortar accommodation.

Meanwhile, 24 per cent lived in a caravan or other mobile or temporary structure.

It was also recorded there were 63,000 people in the UK who identified as part of the community, although sources suggest the actual total may be higher.

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