I'm a sexy 43-year-old who loves  fishnets… mean trolls say 'no guy wants that' but I'll find my Romeo one day | The Sun

A 43-YEAR-OLD who's been told that 'no guy wants' seeing her in sexy fishnets has revealed she's determined to find her true love.

At 43, Instagram user Alicia is not afraid of showing off her stunning curves in skimpy outfits and fishnets, often completing the look with knee-high heeled boots.

Sharing her life philosophy and her take on all things fashion, the stunning brunette admitted that although ageing doesn't scare her, there is one thing that petrifies her.

''I'm not afraid of getting old but afraid of getting old a single woman.''

Not giving up on her dream to find the one true Romeo, the 43-year-old said she was really hoping ''to go on a date some day''.

It seems that one of her tactics to secure her future partner is by sporting teeny garments, such as knickers for shorts and teeny crop tops flashing her curves.

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But whilst the hopeful romantic is may feel her most confident this way, people on Instagram were quick to shame her hubby-hunting method.

Seeing Alicia flaunt her enviable figure, one person insisted she'll always remain single.

''Cringe. No real guy wants that.''

Someone else, meanwhile, was convinced she has posted the racy clip for different reasons, writing: ''No you want attention on social media to feel important .. sad.''

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Another agreed, urging the singleton to seriously reconsider her approach to the situation.

''f you want a date again, I suggest, maybe not getting half naked on the Internet. You might have a better chance mate.''

Some even reckoned Alicia was too old to find a man and it was time to take up a new hobby.

''You had your opportunities when you was younger… times up buy a cat.''

Although Alicia has not yet responded to all the meanies, we wish her the best of luck finding the one true Romeo.

Speaking of all things beauty and staying young, one woman has recently revealed how a 7p homemade mask leaves her skin so glowy, she doesn't even need to use face make-up.

Aimee Guess, from the sunny coasts of California, the USA, explained that she's made the decision to embrace her bare skin and no longer hides behind foundation and brightening concealer.

Rather than using make-up bag essentials, the thrifty mum swears by a homemade turmeric mask which also consists of honey.

''The turmeric mask helps decrease the appearance of age spots and it’s very easy to do,'' she claimed on Instagram.

What's more, beauty experts have shared, the common spice is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

As well as tackling darker spots, turmeric helps healing skin wounds, reduces blemishes, moisturises dry skin and can even protects against environmental damage.

To make a DIY mask, the savvy mum used 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric which she mixed with one tablespoon of honey.

Once the homemade mask is ready – yes, that's all you will need – leave it on your face for five to ten minutes and rinse off with water and moisturising soap afterwards.

To achieve the maximum results, Aimee said she applied the 7p mask on her face once to twice every week.

Much like turmeric, honey, too, boasts almost magical properties for your skin – and it's a must as the temperatures begin to drop and we're approaching winter.

Honey is a natural humectant and moisturiser. It draws moisture deep into the skin, making it useful for dry skin conditions and anti-ageing. 

This results in a plumper, softer skin which is topped off with a jaw-dropping glow that will make heads turn.

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