I’m a size 6 & tried Brandy Melville's ‘one size fits all’ items – the pants wouldn't fit my hips & the dress was tight | The Sun

DESPITE their renowned basics and comfy staples, Brandy Melville's "one size fits all" concept makes the brand less appealing to some shoppers.

A size 6 fashion fan decided to compare how the brand's clothes look on the hanger to how they look on, and she couldn't get the pants over her hips or the dress to cover her boobs.

It's no secret that Brandy Melville's sizing isn't the same as other retailers.

Rather than sticking to a typical range, the brand scrapped the sizing scale and came out with a different concept: no sizing.

Most of Brandy Melville's items are labeled "one size fits all," meaning whether you are a small or an XL, you can still fit into any of the same items.

TikTok fashion creator Spencer Barbosa wanted to test some of the items and see how different they looked on the hanger and her.


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Spencer posted a video taking viewers along with her as she went to her local Brandy Melville.

Spencer is usually a size 6 or medium.

"'One size fits all,' sounds a little toxic," she admits.

While the $16 Belle Tank fits Spencer fine, the same can't be said for the $48 Kim Cargo Pants.

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These cargo pants are only available in small, and they can't make it past Spencer's hips.

The $7 Floral Bow Underwear is only three-quarters the size of her waist.

Normally, that wouldn't be an issue if the material stretched, but it doesn't.

This underwear is listed online as an XS/S, the same as the $26 Mirabelle Dress.

However, both items are supposed to be able to fit different sizes.

Spencer experiences some serious spillage with this dress on.

The $40 Agatha Denim Jeans are a favorite of the store's dedicated shoppers.

Yet, they can't fit over Spencer's thighs.

But the $14 Alexis Halter Cropped Top doesn't seem to cause the same spillage as the black bodycon dress.

"Brandy Melville do better," Spencer proclaims after she leaves the store frustrated.

Spencer isn't the only one disappointed by the brand's odd concept.

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"I sincerely don’t know how a brand has gotten away with being one size fits all," one angry viewer wrote.

Another annoyed customer said: "I love brandy, but I can’t believe they still have one size fits all."

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