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We’ve all made that rookie error – assuming you can fit everything for a long weekend into a carry-on case and push the zip to its absolute limit. 

But organisational whizz @allidente has an easy hack that will help you squeeze more in – and save it from creases. 

Posting on social media, the content creator wrote: “How I fold my shirts small and compact for travel.” 

In the 30-second video, the savvy space saver can be seen folding an inch section of the bottom of the t-shirt up towards the neckline. 

Then she flips the t-shirt over and folds both sleeves in. 


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Later, the tiktoker folds the left side of the t-shirt in, and then the right side so that it overlaps. 

The final step involves rolling the t-shirt tightly and pulling the remaining material over so that it acts like a hood. 

Fans seem to love the hack, with the video being shared more than 600 times. 

In the comments, one wrote: “This helped so much, thank you!” 

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Another wrote: “My one is so messy but thanks, my mum is making me, my brother AND her share a suitcase for a three-night trip.” 

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