I'm a spoilt girlfriend & lived in a hotel with my boyfriend – it was the best year of my life, everyone should try it | The Sun

A SELF-DESCRIBED "spoiled girlfriend" has revealed what it was like living in a hotel for a year.

Ocean Sapphire stayed in the IHG hotel with her then-boyfriend, her now-fiance, and described the 12 months as the "best year of my life".

"Not many people can say they lived in a hotel for a whole year, but I can," she said in a video on her TikTok page.

"We moved in in the summer and then there was fall.

"Beautiful leaves on the trees in the parking lot. And winter, just watching the snow from our bedroom window.

"Living in a hotel was such a great experience. I can't even rate it. It was that awesome."

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She and her fiance had "one of the largest suites in the entire hotel", on the top floor, which had two bedrooms, two bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen area.

"Because there are only 2 of us, I kind of took over the second room for my dressing room because I had so much stuff, they could not fit in the closet and the master bedroom," Ocean explained.

"This is once I had gotten some of my stuff all set up – it was so cute and comfy."

Housekeepers cleaned for them every day – did their dishes, made their bed and changed the towels.

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"Everything was just perfect," she said.

"Everything was spot on."

She still worked while staying at the hotel – returning and picking up her packages from the concierge desk when she got back.

"We also had a live in gym," Ocean continued.

"It was perfect. It had all the amenities."

In addition, there was a tennis court that they used regularly.

And it was right next to their favourite grocery store – the Fresh Market.

"So we go there every weekend, grab stuff to make our fresh juices, cause we loved to juice," she said.

As well as their "weekly juicing", they got free breakfast every day – with Ocean enjoying some fresh waffles while her husband-to-be opted for cereal.

"Then a couple nights out the week, they would always have, like, free dinner and wine served to us," she recalle

"It was so amazing. It was perfect!"

"My experience living in a high end hotel for a year with Bae," Ocean captioned her video.

And people were quick to comment on the clip too, with one writing: "Literally the size of my apartment!"

"Girl it was so big," Ocean replied.

"They said it was either the largest suite in the hotel/ 1 of. It was a whole condo!"

"Will experiment with this in the future. thanks for sharing," another commented.

To which Ocean responded: "Best year of my life hon – luxury and comfort at its finest!"

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"Sis you might be on to something not gonna lie I might need to do this cause my tent don’t make sense," a third said.

As someone else wrote: "Aye hold up this s**t actually might be a life cheat code, you living light years ahead….."

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