I'm a tatted up dad and took my baby son to get his first 'inking' – people slam me but I think it looks super cute | The Sun

HE'S covered in tattoos.

So on a recent trip to the zoo, he decided to treat his baby son to his first-ever "inking" – but ended up getting slammed by trolls.

The man took to TikTok to share a video of his son having the airbrush tattoo on his chubby little thigh.

The little boy sat on his dad's lap as he had a red heart with the word "Mom" through the middle airbrushed onto his leg.

"Men with tattoos, babies with tattoos," he captioned his video, which has had over 13 million views on TikTok.

But lots of comments on the clip slammed the man for his decision to introduce his son to the world of tattoos so early.

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"Noooo," one person wrote.

"Why?" another added.

"Is it safe for the baby?" someone else questioned.

While another commented: "That scared me until I realised it was a spray."

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However, others were more complimentary about the baby's new etching.

"So cute!" one wrote.

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"Omg stahhppp that’s so cute!!!" another agreed.

"I LOVE it!!" someone else commented.

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