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GETTING someone’s name inked on your body might seem like a big romantic gesture at the time. 

But, according to two people who work in the tattoo industry, it’s the one type of tattoo that always seems to bring about bad luck. 

Tattoo artist Justin Stubbs, who runs Korpus Tattoo Studio in Brunswick, Melbourne, said in his seven years he’s noticed a trend when it comes to getting a partner’s name – or similar – on your body.

He explained: “As long as I’ve been tattooing it’s always been this common thing that when you get a partner’s name tattooed, it’s bad luck.”

Justin added to The Sydney Morning Herald: “It’s like this weird tattooer superstition, but they bring bad luck to the relationship.”

But Justin isn’t the only tattoo expert to think so, having been witness to it many times over the years.

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Elsewhere, Geoff Ley, who has worked at the specialist laser tattoo removal clinic Ink Undone, says he’s seen so many relationship tribute tattoos having to be removed once the romance has run its course.

Geoff, who has been working in the industry for the best part of a decade, explained: “They seem to be the kiss of death. 

“Of the names, initials and love hearts that I have removed, almost all of them say the relationship was going really well until they got the tattoo.”

However, tattoo artist Justin maintained that the trend won’t be going anywhere any time soon.

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He revealed: “A lot of the time it’s an impulse thing where people go to a walk-in studio where you can get tattooed on the spot. 

“That tends to be a younger demographic of 18-year-olds and are still in that impulsive stage of life and don’t really understand the longevity of what they’re doing. 

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“Where that’s the case, we as tattoo artists always push for a matching tattoo instead of a name so that, say, if they do break up they’re going to have an image in.”

He also identified how others who often get the tribute tattoos are already covered in body art and so won’t mind adding more to their growing collection.

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