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PARENTS will soon be scrambling around trying to find a suitable present to buy their child's teacher for Christmas.

But if you're struggling to think of something, then you may just want to listen up…because a teacher has revealed the four worst gifts he's ever received at Christmas – and the two presents you should give instead.

In a clip shared to TikTok (@twinkl_resources), the teacher begins by discussing giant unscented candles.

"Sadly I've got more than one of these in my time, I really do not need a giant unscented candle.

"If every teacher pulled every candle they've ever received as a gift
together we could light the country for 100 years."

Next up on his list of presents he'd rather not receive are mugs.



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"I know teachers drink a lot of coffee…but we don't drink that much coffee," he says.

"Bonus marks if it's got an apple on it somewhere and some motivational message that we've read 100 times before."


The teacher goes on to say that although kind, he also doesn't want to receive baked goods, "specifically when a child has taken the lead on the project."

He explains: "We've spent three months watching this child put everything under the sun in their mouths, and practise maybe the worst hygiene ever.

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"And now they're handing us some very dodgy looking, slightly squashed, brownies.

"I'm sorry but they probably will end up in the bin – we do value our health."

And last but not least is money.

"I know what you're thinking: 'Money? No thanks!'

"It's not like that. This was literally just money in an envelope – no card and no gift card.

"It was essentially, or it felt like, a Christmas blackmail.

"I know it wasn't like that, it was very kind, but I'm sure teachers have had money before in the past and just felt slightly wrong for taking it."

So, if you're unsure what you should be buying your kid's teachers this year, then take note.

"Here are the two gifts that teachers do like and these should ensure that you don't stress too much and don't spend too much either," he begins.

First up is food and drink bought from a shop.

"Wine, a bottle of beer, some Christmas treats – you can't go wrong with those," he says.

And secondly is something homemade.

"I know what I just said about baked treats…but a child's handmade Christmas ornament, trinket, or even just a handwritten card or note
means so much more than a candle or money," he explains.

"I don't know if I speak for most teachers, but I've kept so many notes and cards in the past.

"They're a great thing to look at when you have had a sleepless night or are tired from planning and all the work you put into teaching
and you need reminding why it is the best job in the world."

The post has since gone viral, racking up thousands of views and several comments from social media users.

"No one has ever given me teacher mug – me waiting for one every year!!" wrote one.

A second penned: "As a teacher with allergies and doesn’t drink, food and alcohol is a no thank you."

A third commented: "I have done the candle/mug/glass thing! I usually now go for mini chocs/ wine/ cocktail can now -5+teachers so it's pricey."

Meanwhile, a fourth noted: "Teachers I know love gift cards where they can buy supplies for their students rather than their own money."

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