I'm a teacher – other staff say I'm dressed inappropriately but we don't have a dress code, I'm sticking it out | The Sun

A TEACHER has stood up against fellow staffers who complained her clothes were too "inappropriate" for class.

She said if there's no dress code, there's no case.

The educator (@her0_myher0) shared the outfit with over 30,000 TikTok followers.

She sat in a classroom, showing off her crop top underneath a pair of black overalls and sneakers that earned disapproval from other teachers.

The content creator didn't let it get to her, after all, they don't really have a case.

"We don't even have a dress code though and I teach a casual class so I'm confused," she said in a comment.

She explained that she was also in it for a worthy cause: "The other staff are trying to convince me I'm dressed inappropriately for a teacher," she said.

"I'm sticking it out for the girls and the gays."

People were aghast that she was reprimanded for the outfit she had on.

"Zero percent of that outfit is inappropriate," said one commenter who backed her.

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"Dude, you're literally dressed fine, what's their problem?" asked another.

Others believed the staffers were simply upset because she was stylish and they were not.

"The place you work at just seems to hire younger-looking staff, what do they expect? You’re not all 30+ in age," said one viewer.

"What, all your fits are modest, you just keep up with current fashion, they can stay mad for real," said another.

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