I’m a teen mum & regret my son’s name – now I have to give my other kids equally rubbish names otherwise it’s unfair | The Sun

PARENTS usually take months, if not years thinking about the names they'll give to their future kids.

But sometimes they end up regretting the name they pick and have to suffer the consequences.

One teen mum admitted to really hating the name she went with for her son.

Mum-of-two Katy Friesen, from Canada, responded to a prompt on TikTok which asked if any parents regret what they named their kids.

Katy said that she regretted the name she picked "big time."

"I mean I had him when I was 18," she added.

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"But now I feel like with all my other kids now I have to name them not so good names."

She continued: "Now it's unfair if I name my other kids something really nice, so I'll just stick to mediocre names."

The mum revealed that she named her son Carson James, which she thought was too basic.

Other parents admitted to also regretting the common names they chose, one mum said: "Very briefly in elementary school my daughter was one of five with the same name in her year."

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A second agreed: "My mum also named me when she was 18 so I feel like she regrets my name too."

Another wrote: "I have the opposite, we have such a good name for our first child we can't find good enough names for our twins and the clock is ticking!"

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