I’m a thrifty mum… From Facebook Marketplace to Vinted – the best places to sell all your old stuff & make a mint | The Sun

IF you've had a clear out of your cupboards it can be tempting to throw old junk away – but actually there's a better solution for both your bank balance and the planet.

One person's junk can be another person's treasure, so you could make a tidy profit from selling unwanted items.

However, it's important to sell the right things to the right audience – and with so many apps and marketplaces, it can be tricky to know where to sell what.

Mum of three Emma Bradley, 46, set up Mums Savvy Savings, and knows a thing or two about selling unwanted items for a profit.

Emma says: "I've become more money savvy, and these days I always look for a deal and make my money go much further. 

"One way I make some extra money is by selling online and I have discovered that different platforms are useful for different types of products.


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"Now I even buy bargains that I spot in charity shops or at car boot sales and then resell for profit.

"I have also found some great bargains for my family, including Air Force 1 trainers for just £3!"

Know your audience

Firstly, Emma recommends knowing exactly what you are selling, and researching where the buyers are likely to be. 

She says: "If you have designer gear that will be popular with young people, sell on Depop.

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It may be best to sell vintage and designer items on apps like VintedCredit: Getty

"This is where the cool kids shop!

"My son will buy designer clothes, wear them for a bit and then sell on.

"Just this week he sold one of his old designer t shirts for £50."

Devil is in the detail

If you're selling women's designer or vintage clothes, accessories and bags try the app Vinted.

Emma says: "Vinted is good as the buyer pays postage so you don’t get caught out with that either.

"It is a really secure service where the money isn’t released until the buyer receives their item.

"I recently sold a Coach designer belt for £65 – it was new.

"It helps to add lots of detail and images so that people can see the item well."

Homeware tips

For cheaper kids and women's clothes as well as furniture or homeware items you need to get rid of, use local selling groups and Facebook marketplace.

Emma says: "These are ideal for lower value stuff people can just come and pick up.

"The downside is there are people that don’t turn up which is annoying so I tend to batch sell here.

"This means I’ll list a number of items in one go and have a day a week when I am about for collections.

"An advantage of marketplace is that there is no postage which makes it more attractive to people, especially for lower value items or bulky items."

Secondhand sellers

If you have wedding dress to sell or prom dresses, check out secondhand shops that both buy and sell near you.

Emma says: "Dress agencies will take a cut, but they deal with all the viewings and dress try-ons.

"You then just collect your money once the dress is sold."

Drive a hard bargain

Car boot sales are also still a great place to buy and sell, especially for bric a brac and smaller items like toys.

Emma says: "You can offload lots of items in one day which is a great way to make some extra money.

"We have done car boots previously, especially for toys, and you can make £300 in a morning – for just the cost of a pitch fee.

"It can be really profitable, but be warned the unloading is scary!

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"You will be pounced upon as soon as you open the boot, so don’t try to do it on your own, and maybe rope in the kids to help.

"Some traders will try to take advantage, so don’t feel pressured and always have an idea of what you are going to charge before you arrive."

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