CHECKING a suitcase can rob you of valuable travel time – or, if the airline loses your bag, it can leave you away from home with no clean underwear.

Packing just a carry-on can be a lifesaver, and one travel expert has shared his space-saving tips with The U.S. Sun – including one trick for sneaking an extra bag onto a plane.

Lee Thompson is the co-founder of Flash Pack, which specializes in solo group adventures for travelers between 30 and 40 years old.

He's traveled to over 100 countries and mastered the art of speedy boarding.

Over the years, he's learned a few tricks and hacks for packing efficiently.

In fact, he even says there's a way to get an entire extra bag on board your flight.


Whether it's cold and you've got your winter coat or you're layering a jacket for the chilly airplane ride, you should have at least two pockets at your disposal.

Sure, you're not getting an extra pair of shoes in there, but it's valuable space that can be maximized.

"My number one item to travel with is my camera, so I always carry that around my neck and fill my coat pockets full of lenses," he says.

"I like to speed through security, so my liquids are normally in one of the pockets too, to make sure that I can make the baggage process seamless," he adds.

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Folded clothes take up more space than rolled clothes, and the military has an especially useful tactic for tight packing.

"Ranger Rolling, or Army rolling as it’s called, is where you fold the bottom [of your clothing] a couple of inches inside-out so, it creates a type of pocket along one side of the clothing," says Lee.

"Then you can take the opposite end and roll it tightly until you get to the pocket you’ve created."


The number one way to pack light is to simply pack less – and that can mean re-wearing some of your clothes.

"It sounds obvious, but do you really need that extra pair of trousers?" asks Lee.

"If I was packing for a week, I’d have clothes for half of that time."

But you don't want to be wearing sweaty or soiled clothes, so that's where your hotel's laundry service comes in.

"It’s really easy to use the hotel laundry service, and it's considerably cheaper than paying for extra luggage," Lee says.


No, it's not durable as a backpack or a duffle, but a plastic bag can hold spillover and usually won't be an issue to get onto the plane.

"Always carry a plastic bag with you," says Lee. "You can put all your extra items in it. No matter how full, a plastic bag never fails to work as a second bag, even if you are only allowed one."

If you don't need it on the way to your destination, an empty one tucked away in your suitcase can help in a pinch if you have trouble re-packing on the way back.

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