WHEN you visit Walmart, you can use one shopper's clever trick to get an employee's attention from anywhere in the store.

But be warned: his hack might earn you the annoyance of store staff.

Will, a frequent Walmart shopper, took to TikTok and shared a tip he reportedly uses on a regular basis to grab store employees' attention.

He started filming his video on the Walmart sales floor in the jewelry department, where the area was completely devoid of employees.

"Look, one guy, he doesn't work here,"Will said. "Nobody's here." He waited several minutes to spot an employee, but none walked by.

Instead of wandering the store searching for help, Will headed over to the area in the department where the store phone was located.


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"Y'all get f***ing mad at me if you want to," he said into the camera as he picked up the phone.

He dialed in a code as he said, "I'm gonna use that damn phone again if I can't find somebody."

The phone connected to the storewide intercom, and Will began speaking into it.

"Excuse me, if I could please get some help in the jewelry department, I would really appreciate it," he said, paging the entire store.

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He stated again that he had been searching for an employee "for quite some time," and preemptively asked for forgiveness for his bold action.

"Please don't get mad at me," he said into the phone.

It didn't take long for an employee to come to his rescue, unlocking the watch case Will had been trying to access.

He expressed his appreciation to the employee multiple times – and miraculously, left the store without being scolded.

"She was real nice about it!" a triumphant Will said on camera as he walked across the parking lot. "Got what I needed yet again."

Will said he uses the hack about every six months. To use the intercom, he added, shoppers need to have the intercom code for the phone, which is different for every store.

In an earlier video, he discovered the codes at his local store by searching around the store phone, where they were listed on a reference sheet.

In the comments section, a person who said they worked at Walmart argued that the codes are the same everywhere.

"Every Walmart is the same number #968," they wrote. "Do it have fun."

A different commenter warned that shoppers could be kicked out – or even encounter legal trouble – by abusing the hack.

"Bruh be careful, you could meet one wrong person and they'll call the cops on you," they said.

Others pointed out that Will's polite attitude probably kept him from getting in trouble.

"You are so nice," a viewer insisted. "How could anyone be mad at you for that?"

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