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AN APPLIANCE pro has shared the real reason why your washing machine sounds like an aircraft taking off when it's running. 

It turns out this isn’t normal and if your washing machine is doing this there is one thing you need to check immediately. 

Experts who goes by @theappliancedudes have shared the reason in a TikTok video online. 

They say: “Okay, so if your washing machine sounds like a jet when spinning, let me save you hundreds of dollars on the technician by showing you this one simple trick."

If your washing machine is doing this you need to check the drum right away. 

The appliance pros said: “Open the drum of the washing machine and give the drum a good shake.”

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It’s possible that a key component of your washing machine may have been corroded overtime. 

They said: “Now, the reason you hear this noise is because the spider support assembly inside the back of the washing machine is shot overtime.”

“Due to exposure of water, detergent, and even overloading our washing machines, the spotter support arm becomes corroded and begins to break down. 

There is also one more test you can do to confirm your theory. 

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The appliance pro’s said: “Now, another test that you can do for this is take your hand and put it on the inside of the washing machine and give the drum a good spin.”

“You'll start to notice that there is a wobble in the drum."


“And you can test this by putting your finger over the drum as it turns, and you will notice that it begins to slightly bounce up and down.”

We’re sorry to break it to you but if it’s clear the spider assembly support is broken then it’s not worth repairing. 

Actually you will probably save yourself money by replacing your entire washing machine. 

They appliance pro's said: “And if your washing machine is making this noise and showing a wobble in the drum, then it is not worth replacing.

“Just replace the washing machine itself.”

The video racked up over 90,000 views. 

But many viewers pointed out despite not knowing the hack they still didn’t have the money to replace their washing machines. 

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One user said: “Or live with it like I do. Still works fine and I ain't made of money. Especially during a cost of living crisis.”

Another said: “It also matters if you have warranty left, if you have warranty then get it repaired.”

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