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A BLACK puffer jacket is an essential for most during the colder months – but according to one elegance coach, it's time to ditch this winter classic.

As the temperatures drop, many of us have already began to layer in cosy jumpers and thick coats to keep toasty and warm.

But more often than not, the puffer jackets and Ugg boots also make it quite difficult to look classy and well-dressed.

Fortunately to one elegance whizz, Anna Bey, there are ways to elevate your winter wardrobe without having to spend a fortune.

Anna, who lives in Sweden where temperatures can drop as low as -20C, took to YouTube to reveal ten easy styling tips and shopping advice for garments that are a timeless must-have.

Base layer

When getting ready to head out for the day, start with '' a good base layer'', which Anna recommended you buy in your skin tone.

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Whist tight garments, such as a skiing base layer, is an option worth including in your wardrobe, there are also other alternatives, such as a white shirt or a turtleneck.

Not only will they hold in the heat, but these will also make your outfit look ''very sophisticated''.

Light coloured puffer coat

Wherever you go in the winter, chances are that seven of the ten people you pass by will be wearing a black puffer jacket.

But, as Anna pointed out in her video, a simple swap with a light coloured puffer coat with a belt will instantly make you look more elegant.

''They don't really look elevated. They don't really stand out. They don't look exciting,'' the style guru said of the black staple.

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Add a belt to your coat

Urging her elegant fashionistas to think outside the box, Anna said: ''Take your dull, shapeless coat and you put a belt on it that doesn't come with a coat.

''Voila – you have this kind of new look to this coat and it looks more interesting.''

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Blazer in winter

''Blazers and suits are actually great for this time of the year because they are vert covering and they often require you to layer a bit as well.

''They look sophisticated so you can easily wear this to the office,'' Anna thought, adding that it's best to find one that's thicker material.

Long necklaces

Although jewellery won't keep you warm, it's an easy and an affordable way to make your outfit more exciting and unique.

''I personally like the long necklace because it also gives a slimming effect, elongate you, oftentimes work on many body shapes.''

Shooting field jacket

''I really like the aesthetic of this type of jacket.''

Explaining her love for this look, Anna said that the logic was simple – as people usually associate this style with the more affluent community, those who wear it also look more elegant to others.

Fortunately, whilst you might think shooting field jackets are expensive, a little browse online and you'll very quickly realise that this is not really the case.

Off the shoulder sweater

Cosy knitted jumpers will for sure keep you warm – but as Anna pointed out, these oftentimes shapeless staples also strip away ''your femininity''.

As a solution, the elegance coach recommended wearing off the shoulder or boat neck jumpers.

''You're showing a little bit of skin in a very elegant place,'' she explained.

Long sleeve knit dresses

''This is another clever way of combining femininity with warmth.''

Sharing her expertise, the guru noted: ''I recommended getting a pencil version of this dress […] so that it's really covering and doesn't just stop on your thigh area.''

High-waist trousers with straight legs

''Femininity is, at the end of the day, about putting accent on the waist area. It's going to give you a silhouette and a shape.''

As Anna went on to explain, wearing high-waisted trousers not only will be perfect for the more frosty days but you're also going to have an optical illusion of having longer legs.

Winter sales

Whilst the autumn's just only begun and we're yet to enter winter, Anna urged to be ready for winter sales.

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''I want you, ladies, to really maximise this time of the year. Shop as much as you can on sale.

''This is really going to make your budget strategy shoot of the roof.''

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