REGARDLESS of your budget, embracing your elegance and dressing classy is always an option.

According to an elegance expert, you can dress like a millionaire if you know what outfits to avoid.

TikTok user Karina, known to her followers as Milli Dollar Baby, has shared the type of dress which makes you look tacky, and what you should wear instead.

In her video, Karina modeled a short black lace dress which she called tacky.

"Ladies, it's time to step down from these tacky dresses, embrace your elegance," Karina told her followers.

The TikToker compared the black dress to her next outfit which she labelled "elegance at the same price!"

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This classy look saw Karina showing off a classy white ankle-length dress with a side slit.

Karina explained that she branded the black dress tacky "because it’s made from bad material which doesn’t hug the body in a flattering way."

Karina's followers took to the TikTok comment section to share their thoughts on her fashion recommendations.

"I thought it’s great you showed what a difference a dress makes!" wrote one viewer.

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Another user said: "That second one is absolutely gorgeous!!"

"Yesssss that white dress is stunning," a third person commented on Karina's elegance tip.

"It is not the way you dress that defines your elegance but the way you behave," wrote another follower.

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