I’m an interior designer and your grey kitchen is so boring – here’s how to make it look posh even if you’re renting | The Sun

FEEL like your grey kitchen looks drab and outdated but don't want to fork out for a whole renovation?

It turns out a few small changes will make a huge difference and they're perfect if you're on a tight budget too.

Interior designer Phoenix Grey's renter friendly tips are designed to make your space look more inviting and luxurious without breaking the bank.

"The best tip is to hide as much grey as possible," he explained.

Although grey is a great neutral colour it can become a bit boring and plain if the entire room is the same colour.

That's why elevating the space with a few cheap and cheerful accents is the way to go.


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If your countertops are grey it can be pricey to completely change them all, which is why adding in large chopping boards or oversized tiles are so great.

Phoenix used a large black tile to create a coffee corner in his kitchen to help balance out the cool tones of of the grey.

You can also do this by adding in other warm toned accessories like wooden spoons, utensil holders and vases.

To hide the grey backsplash the interiors whizz also "created a layered effect" with more chopping boards and tiles, which he bought individually from a DIY shop.

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He said: "These are actual pieces I use when I'm serving or hosting, so they're really great to put on display.

"But since this isn't my permanent space I didn't want to invest in permanent changes, so these super affordable, renter friendly things will be able to add so much depth and dimension to your space and make those greys a little bit more liveable."

After posting the tricks on his TikTok account viewers praised Phoenix's tips and couldn't wait to try them out.

"This is so good, what a transformation," one raved.

A second agreed: "I want to do this to my overly white rental kitchen, the cabinets, counters and tiles are white"

"This is EXACTLY what I've done with my grey kitchen," another said.

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