I'm an interior designer – there are five things I’d never do in my own home – fake plants are the WORST | The Sun

DECORATING your home isn't as easy as you might think.

There are hundreds of little decisions that can make or break the look of your home.

The truth is, one wrong move and your home could be left looking more cheap and tack than expensive and chic.

Luckily, interior designer Jeremiah Brent shared five things he's never do in his own home, and you probably shouldn't either.

Fake plants

Unless you're forking out loads of money, fake plants never look that great.

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The pro said: "Greenery and nature is so important to me and I love the ceremony of finding branches and bringing flowers in.

"I think it's importnat for any living space to have living things in it."

Cover original flooring

If you're lucky enough to have original flooring in your home, covering it is basically an interiors sin.

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"Beautiful original floors are impossible to come by, so when you can you should refinish, you can change the colour but never recover," Jeremiah explained.

Buy everything new

It's just not worth the money, the pro explained.

"Designs change so much," he quipped, so it's better to invest in second-hand pieces that you love and will stand that test of time.

Buy without reading the description

We've all bought something online thinking we've bagged a bargain, only to find there's a reason it was so cheap when it finally arrives.

Reading online descriptions is a must for the interior designer, who explained that he found perfect vintage chairs online, only for them to be for children when they arrived.

Never say never

Rules are made to be broken, Jeremiah explained.

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So even if you probably shouldn't do something in your home, if you love it – go for it!

"Take some chances and don't be scared of your mistakes," he said.

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